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Patriot Signage Political Templates

Yard signs are like billboards, only smaller. But, the same design principles apply. It’s easy to forget the basics. People, on average, will spend two to six seconds looking at your sign, depending on whether they are on foot or in a car.

When designing your sign, we recommend that you begin with the element that you want your viewers to remember if they only remember one thing. Make that the dominant element. For a political office, this should be the name that appears on the ballot; for an issue, this should be the name or number of the issue and your “yes” or “no” recommendation. For most commercial signs, unless your logo is already familiar to most everyone, name and phone number recall is your primary objective. All other elements, illustrations, slogans, nicknames, dates, caricatures, etc., all compete for that critical two to six seconds and should be relegated to a minor position or not used at all.

Our Patriot designers will be happy to make specific recommendations for your signs. Our designers are also available to completely design your signs and prepare your art for a $75 charge. Most designs can be accomplished in your choice of 1 or 2 colors. Or, choose from one of the art templates shown below for $35.

Artwork is as easy as 1, 2 or 3

  1. Send us digital art per our specs – Never a charge
  2. Have Patriot Personalize a design below for only $35
  3. Have Patriot custom design a sign for you for just $75